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All About Pre-K

St. Peter's has a very strong academic program which begins with our Early Childhood component.  The first step is our Pre-kindergarten class, which is a State-approved full day, full year experience for students who are four years old by September 1 (Maryland State Department of Education regulation).  Our pre-k teacher, Mrs. Warner, has more than ten years experience working with our youngest students at St. Peter's. Our pre-k offers a balanced program of whole class, small group, and independent activities, coupled with small group and individualized instruction based on student needs and achievement levels.  There is an academic feel to the pre-k day, but it is presented in lessons with rhymes, fingerplays, songs, games, pictures, art, and movement.  In short, the days are filled with fun as well as learning.


We recognize that some parents have concerns about sending their children to school all day at the age of four.  Longitudinal studies of academic pre-k programs, such as the High Scope study in Michigan, have demonstrated the very positive impact programs such as ours can make on students' future academic achievement.  According to a report by the National Education Association (NEA),  "Children who attended an extended-day, extended-year preschool program experienced greater improvement in test scores compared to peers who attended half-day programs. The difference in performance gains over time was evident for measures of both verbal and mathematic abilities. These results indicate that duration is an important consideration for the effectiveness of preschool education. Common sense and other research suggests that increased time in the classroom yields better results because it provides greater opportunity for teachers to work individually with students and allows for a more relaxing atmosphere with less time proportionately spent on routines such as meals, tying shoelaces and hand washing."

The study concludes:"Although further research is needed to augment this single study of half-day vs. extended-day preschool, the results clearly indicate that duration and intensity matter. Extended-day preschool seems to have dramatic and lasting effects when it is high quality...... Given the evident need of many families for full-day care for their 4 year olds and the evidence presented here that full-day preschool has important benefits for child learning, policy makers should strongly consider implementation of full-day preschool."     


Some of the area private schools offer half-day pre-k programs, and some even have half-day kindergarten.  It is important for parents to note that in Maryland, students must attend a FULL DAY approved kindergarten program in order to be accepted into a first grade in a public school.  Children in half-day programs in private schools may be required to repeat kindergarten if they transfer to a public school in our state.  With that in mind, it makes sense for parents to first of all choose a full-day pre-k program over day care or a half-day program, then choose a full day kindergarten.  This sequence, recommended by the Maryland State Department of Education, best prepares children to succeed in first grade and beyond, regardless of whether the child continues in private school.  St. Peter's offers both full day pre-k and full day kindergarten at very reasonable tuition, making our school at great choice for your young child's education.


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We have curriculum documents for every grade available for you to see just what our students are learning. Samples are available on the "Program and Activities" page of the school tab above.



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