St. Peter's Elementary School

                     A mission of ST. PETER'S LUTHERAN CHURCH (ELCA)                                                          Member  Evangelical Lutheran Education Association                         

Hold Current Maryland State Department of Education Certificates #3883 and #5195 


School Staff

Ms. Jennifer John, Principal--Towson State University, Towson University


Ms. Marcia Darney-PT Administrative Assistant-Towson State University

Ms. Christy Sykes-PT Administrative Assistant, Before and After Care Teacher

Mrs. Donna Warner, Pre-K Teacher-Gordon College, College of Notre Dame of MD


Mrs. Janice Magee, Pre-K Assistant/Technology Teacher-Towson University

Mrs. Laura Stratton, Kindergarten Teacher-Towson University

Mrs. Ashley Brown, First Grade Teacher-Towson University


Mr. Karl Stadler, Second Grade Teacher-University of Maryland


Mrs. Cynthia Turcea, Third Grade Teacher-Towson University


Mrs. Lori Fales, Fourth Grade Teacher-Notre Dame, University of Maryland

Mr. Stephen Mikros, Fifth Grade Teacher-Southern New Hampshire University

Ms. Betty Turner-Before and After Care Director, Mt. Saint Agnes College, Loyola College


Resource Staff:


Mrs. Gail Lynch, Loyola College of Maryland -PE/Library/Art

Mrs. Arwyn Gohl, Eastern Nazarene College-vocal and instrumental music

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